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Blackbeard's Grave (Cave), 136 Atlantic City Blvd,
Bayville NJ, 08721

Open every Friday, Saturday & Sunday in October!

SK Haunted Victorian Mansion




This site proudly features the carnival art (the 3 clowns) of Hans Petter Vassgard. Used with permission. Visit him at vassgard.com

About Us

The Dark Carnival is a circus themed haunted attraction established in 2010.  Our circus is housed in a 7000 square foot octagonal arena.  Guests of the carnival brave enough to enter will travel through over 1000 feet of carnival maze where they will encounter 25-30 of our trained performers.

The Dark Carnival presents MIND TERRORS 

A mind blowing series of attractions that will attack your senses, terrify the mind, and mask the difference between the real and the unknown

  1. The Dark Carnival: As you travel through over 1500 feet of swirling maze you will encounter a cavalcade of freaks, and fools that will help you relive the childhood nightmares you thought you had left behind..
  2. The Meat Grinder:  The screams of animals and the tearing sounds of chainsaws will strain your mind as you enter the frozen lair of the Pig Man.
  3. Night Terrors:  How well can you function without the sense of sight?  Utilize only your other senses as you pierce through darkened hallways to find out if the demons of your fear truly exist in the dark.
  4. The Sanitarium:  We all fear the uncontrollable.  When medicine can no longer control the sickness, do you have what it takes to survive?